The Good Hop Bottle Shop is an up and coming Oakland retail establishment, offering hundreds of bottled beers from around the world and 12 rotating local craft beers on tap.

Tasked with initial logo design, branding collateral and website development.

The Logo and Brand:

Working very closely with the owner of this locally owned small business, we chose earthy colors and a playful yet readable custom font for their logo identity. The earthy tones echo the natural elements in beer brewing and the playful font expresses the fun and relaxing nature of time spent drinking beer with friends. The logo and brand speak to the beer community and beer lovers alike.

The Web Site: (click here to visit)

The Good Hop Bottle Shop Web site uses the same earthy tones and textures that were used in the Good Hop’s initial branding elements. Their customized and dynamic WordPress Web site includes an events listing, blog, current beer list, and active links to the shop’s social media pages including their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The Result:

Donors and investors have visited The Good Hop Bottle Shop site and used it as the launching point for their financial backing. The Good Hop branding has been used in all shop materials and signage.