PFS Environmental Consulting



PFS Consulting is a Bay Area firm that partners with government agencies, civic organizations, philanthropists and the private sector to develop context-sensitive solutions emphasizing sustainable solutions. Their logo and Web site needed to be professional while conveying their overall focus on sustainability.

Tasked with simple logo design and website development.

The Logo:

PFS Consulting envisioned a simple logo that would be easy to read across both print and screen mediums, and they needed the logo turned around quickly. We presented them with a few options that incorporated a simple graphic element and stylized text treatment of their firm’s name. After a single round of color-based revisions, PFS was happy with their speedy and clean logo.

The Web Site: (click here to visit)

Knowing that a modern look and feel was important to legitimizing their sustainability consulting practice, PFS wanted an update on their previous Web site which looked out of date and clunky. Using a CSS template, we customized their site, keeping it simple and straightforward. Today their site isĀ current and reflects the industry standards for environmental consulting practices. We are continuing to work with them on updates as needed.

The Result:

The client loves the new site and has received compliments from many current and prospective clients and teaming partners.